Anyone who has ventured past Belmont Avenue on Greenville knows that parking can be a bit of a pain (to say the least). However, we are excited to share tips, tricks, rules, and policies about parking in the area. Our goal is that every visitor to the area is fully aware of how to navigate parking and feels confident to leave their car and fully enjoy him/herself while on Lowest Greenville.
Valet parking is 100% complementary to any visitor on Lowest Greenville.
Valet Stations are set up at HG SPLY Co, Nora, and The Truck Yard from 5pm to 12am Thursday-Saturday.
Please be courteous to all residential areas if your choose to park there.
Most residential streets require permits for parking, so we suggest either valet or finding an open spot in one of the lots.
Although it may not seem like there is a lot of available parking, there are several lots behind businesses and down side streets.
Please view the parking map below to plan your visit accordingly.